Purity:99% above
Germination Rate:85%above


Growing small deciduous trees. The bark is dark gray. The branchlets are thin and thin; the original branches are purple or lilac green; the perennial branches are lilac or dark purple. Like a sparse and shaded environment, it is afraid of sun exposure in summer, has strong cold resistance, and can tolerate relatively arid climate conditions. It is mostly born in shady slopes and moist valleys. It is resistant to acid and alkali and is more tolerant to waterlogging. It grows poorly in places where it is exposed to the sun and tides. It is suitable for moist and humus-rich soil.

Acer palmatum is a weakly positive tree species, tolerant to half shade, it is easy to suffer from sunburn in summer when planted alone in direct sunlight; it likes warm and humid climate and fertile, moist and well-drained soil, strong cold resistance, acidic, neutral and calcareous The soil can adapt. The growth rate is moderate to slow.

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