Type: Perennial
Planting Time: spring
Germination Temperature:15~25℃
Growth Temperature:15~35℃
Height: 40-60 cm
Bloom time: May to August
Sun: Full sun to partial shade
Application: Watch medicinal
Seed NO. in 1 gram: 90

Growth habit: Hollyhock likes plenty of sunshine and is resistant to half shade, but avoid waterlogging. It has strong salt tolerance and can still grow in soil with salt content of 0.6%.
Application: Hollyhock is very beautiful, bright in color, gives people a fresh feeling, and is very popular. Red marshmallow is especially suitable for planting in the good environment of courtyard, roadside and site layout. Moreover, it can also form prosperous hedgerows and flower walls to beautify the garden environment. Bring a gentle feeling to the owner of hedgerow and flower wall.

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