Type: Annual
Planting Time: Spring
Bloom description: White
Germination Temperature:18-25°C
Height: 60-80 cm,40-60cm
Bloom time: June to August
Sun: Full sun
Application: irds and borders,attracts birds ang butterflies
Growth Temperature:5-25°C
Seed NO. in 1 gram: 100


The umbrella-shaped inflorescence is composed of many very small white flowers, and then the umbrella-shaped inflorescences are combined into larger umbrella branches. The delicate branches and the small flowers are very good supporting roles for bouquets and flower arrangements. The color is pure white, pure and unique. In landscaping, it is used to create artificial communities and multi-layered plant landscapes. It has a wide range of garden application prospects, and almost all garden soil can be planted. Summer is the peak of flowering.

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