Type: Perennial
Planting Time: March-April
Bloom description: Mixed, red, pink, yellow
Germination Temperature:15-20°C
Growth Temperature:10-30°C
Height: 50-100cm
Bloom time: March-June
Sun: Full sun
Application: Floriculture/ Medication
Seed NO. in 1 gram: 6000

 Snapdragon is a flower that opens in summer and autumn and is widely used in Chinese gardens
For planting, it is suitable for group planting in flower beds and flower borders. It has a better effect with Zinnia, Petunia, marigold and a string of red flowers. High sex varieties can be used as background planting, and low sex varieties should be Coffin Rock style or windowsill flower bed, or edge coffin. This flower can also be used for cutting flowers

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