Type: Perennial
Planting Time: Spring and Autumn
Germination Temperature:20-25℃
Growth Temperature:15℃-35℃
Height: 60-70cm
Bloom time: May to August
Sun: Full sun
Seed NO. in 1 gram: 200

Cultivation method: directly put the seeds into the substrate, cover the substrate after sowing, and the covering thickness is 2 ~ 3 times that of the seeds. After sowing, pay attention to the intensity of watering, so as not to flush the seeds. They will bloom two months later, and the flowering period is from May to August.
Growth habits: like sunny, ventilated, warm and dry environment, regardless of soil.
Usage: it can be used as an ornamental crop for landscaping, but milkweed is poisonous. Attention should be paid to avoid adverse consequences. In addition, milkweed can also be used as a dish guiding plant.

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