"Type: Annual
Planting Time: June to July
Bloom description: Mixed, white
Germination Temperature: 18~25°C
Growth Temperature:5~25°C
Height: 20-45 cm
Bloom time: April-June,July-October
Sun: Full sun
Application: Planting containers,hanging baskets, containers ,flower beds
Seed NO. in 1 gram: 5000"


The flowers are small and dense, rich in color, more wild, full of vitality, with high ornamental value, easy to cultivate, easy to manage, like loose sandy loam, not very demanding on water and fertilizer, suitable for planting in the north and south, with brilliant and diverse flowers, neat plant types Compact, longer flowering time, fast growth, more heat-resistant, suitable for flower bed landscaping, road edges, garden viewing, and can also be used as potted flowers and cut flowers.

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