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Trees up to 20 meters tall, 80 cm in diameter at breast height, about 5 mm in winter buds, gray-brown branchlets, oblong stipules, 10-15 mm long, with sparse hairs and scales. The leaves are elliptical to oblong, 11-17 cm long, 7 cm wide, and the top is short to acuminate, the base is nearly truncated, or slightly inclined inward, or in the shape of an earlobe, often not deformed, new leaves. The base is often narrow and pointed and typed with hairs. The back of the leaf is smoothly attached to the villi in the shape of a star or is almost absent due to hair loss; the petiole is 1-2 cm long. The male flowers are 10-20 cm long, and the inflorescences are hairy; the flowers 3-5 are clustered into clusters, and the female flowers 1-3 (-5) are dense and strong, and the styles are exposed and hairy. Mature crustaceans have sharp lengths and shorts, sparse and dense, covering the crust wall from time to time, and visible on the outer wall when sparse. The crust has a thorn diameter of 4.5-6.5 cm; the height of the nut is 1.5-3 cm and the width is 1.8-3.5 cm .

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