"Type: Annual
Planting Time: Spring
Bloom description: Green,Red
Germination Temperature:20-25℃
Growth Temperature:15-25℃
Height: 50-100cm
Bloom time: June to September
Sun: Full sun
Application: Watch
Seed NO. in 1 gram: 1000"


"Kochia scoparia has strong adaptability, loves temperature, light, drought, and is not cold-tolerant.
The soil requirements are not strict, and the alkaline soil is more resistant. The fertile, loose, and humus-containing loam is conducive to the vigorous growth of Kochia scoparia.
Annual grass flowers can form a unique garden landscape.
Can be used for: flower beds, flower borders, flower bushes, flower clusters, flowering period from June to September, fruit period from July to Octoberund skin".

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