"Type: Perennial
Planting Time: Spring and autumn
Germination Temperature:15-25°C
Growth Temperature:15-35°C
Height: 40-60 cm
Bloom time: June to August
Sun: Full Sun
Application: Cosmetics, flavors, landscaping
Seed NO. in 1 gram:1040"


"Strong scent, bright colors, flowering period from July to August. The plant is low, not easy to fall down, and the inflorescence is long.
The scent and the ability to survive with low water requirements make it a popular plant, quite hardy.
It is used to include cosmetics, or aromatherapy eye pillows containing lavender flowers or essential oils, bath aromatherapy oils, etc., which can relax people into dazzling and dazzling cultivation, especially elegant and refined, suitable for gardens, courtyards, flower beds, or potted viewing"

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