"Type: Perennial / Annual
Planting Time: Spring and autumn
Germination Temperature:15~25℃
Growth Temperature:15~35℃
Height: 50-70cm
Bloom time: May to July
Sun: Full sun
Application: Potted plants and cut flowers
Seed NO. in 1 gram: 65"


Beautiful color, peculiar flower shape, rich flower color, its flower center has dark eye spots, shaped like a medal, and has a strong wildness. It is cool, sunny, avoids heat, is slightly shade-tolerant, has developed roots, is drought-tolerant, and is suitable for sandy soil lupins. The special plant morphology and rich inflorescence color of beans are rare configuration materials in garden plant landscaping, suitable for arranging flower beds and flower borders. It can be used as a garden background or for planting in grass slopes. It can also be potted or cut flowers.

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