"Type: Perennial
Planting Time:Spring/Autumn
Germination Temperature:15~25°C
Growth Temperature:15~35°C
Height: 60-90cm
Bloom time:June -September
Seed NO. in 1 gram: 13300"


The plants are neat, tall and beautiful, with luxuriant flowers, long inflorescence and long flowering period. They are good vertical bar materials in waterscape. They like strong light, strong cold resistance, water and humidity. They do not have strict requirements for soil. They grow well on deep and humus rich soil. The maintenance process is extensive and simple. They are often cultivated near the water or potted for viewing in North and East China. They are suitable for planting in clusters or pools on the shore of shallow water, It can also be used as flower border materials and cut flowers, potted plants or swamp gardens.

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