Planting Time: Spring
Germination Temperature:15~25℃
Growth Temperature:15~35℃
Height: 20-30cm
Bloom time: May to July
Sun: Full sun
Application: Potted plants
Seed NO. in 1 gram: 2400"


"The edge of the tongue-shaped flower is silvery white, and the simple and simple flower is golden yellow, bright, and the color is distinct and elegant.
Cold-tolerant, but not tolerant to high temperatures. Insufficient sunlight will affect. flowering. It is better for home maintenance to place it on the south-facing balcony. The flowering period is early, from spring to early summer, and the flowering period is longer. 3 months,
The dazzling and dazzling piece of cultivation, especially elegant and refined, suitable for potted plants, combined potted plants, or early spring flowerbed beautification"

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