Type: Annual
Planting Time:Spring/Autumn
Germination Temperature:15~25°C
Growth Temperature:15~35°C
Height: 50-80cm
Bloom time: May-July
Seed NO. in 1 gram: 620

Perilla is 60 ~ 180 cm high and has a special aroma. The stem is quadrangular, purple, green purple or green, with villous, and the stem nodes are dense. Single leaf opposite, leaf blade wide ovate or round ovate, 7 ~ 21 cm long and 4.5 ~ 16 cm wide, base round or widely cuneate, apex acuminate or caudate pointed, margin coarsely serrated, purple on both sides, or green on both sides, sparsely pilose on the top and appressed pilose on the lower vein; The leaves are 2.5 ~ 12 cm long and densely villous.

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