Type: Annual
Planting Time:Spring/Autumn
Germination Temperature:15~25°C
Growth Temperature:15~35°C
Height: 50-80cm
Bloom time: May-July
Seed NO. in 1 gram: 620

Perilla frutescens has long harvest cycle, heat resistance and disease resistance. The plant is strong. Purple and red like light. Suitable for cultivation in places with sufficient light. The leaves are darker. Bright purple red is suitable for ingredients and side dishes with strong aroma.
Precautions for planting: soak at room temperature for 3-4 hours, then wrap it with a wet cloth and put it in an environment of 10-12 ° to promote germination. Wash the seeds and wet cloth with clean water once a day, and buds can appear in 4-5 days. Perilla seeds germinate slowly. Parents should be patient.

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