"Type: Annual
Planting Time: spring
Germination Temperature:15-25°C
Growth Temperature:15-35°C
Height: 20-30cm
Bloom time: June to September
Sun: Full sun
Application: Containers,container garden. small garden or fairy garden
Seed NO. in 1 gram: 10000"

"The flowers are very rich in color, with many flower colors, and open towards the sun, like a beautiful embroidery, with a light fragrance, easy to grow and survive, very resistant to barren, and can adapt to general soil, high survival rate, rapid growth and strong self-seeding ability, noon Luxuriant,-blossoming open vigorously, enjoying the warmth given by the sun.

It adds infinite interest to the room and is unique. Potted plants beautify the balcony, window sills, mushroom stems and hanging outside the pot."

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