Type: Annual
Planting Time:Spring/Autumn
Germination Temperature:20~25°C
Growth Temperature:15~22°C
Height: 50-80cm
Seed NO. in 1 gram:400-750

Essential oils and their derivatives are used in daily flavors, and sage can also be made into sachets.
In terms of landscaping, it can be used as potted plants for the layout of flower beds, flower borders and garden scenic spots. At the same time, it can be dotted around the rock and the gap at the edge of the forest, which looks quiet. It can be placed in front of natural buildings and small courtyards. Due to its strong adaptability, it can also be planted near the water bank, and the group planting effect is very good. It is suitable for the layout of parks, scenic spots, forest edge slopes, a corner of lawns, rivers and lakes, both greening the city and smelling incense.

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