Purity:99% above
Germination Rate:85%above

Deciduous trees, up to 25 meters high. The main trunk is straight and the canopy is spire-shaped. The base of the trunk swells, and the branches form a narrow canopy upward, with a pinnacle shape and a beautiful shape. Strongly positive tree species, intolerant of shade. It is suitable for growth in areas with an average annual temperature of 12-20, and the temperature is higher, which is more conducive to growth. Strong cold resistance, short-term low temperature (-17°C) is not subject to freezing damage; abundant precipitation (precipitation above 1000 mm) is good for growth, strong humidity resistance, long-term immersion in water can also grow normally, but also has a certain tolerance Drought. Like deep, loose, moist acid soil. Strong wind resistance. Strong budding power, it is a fast-growing tree species.

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