Purity:99% above
Germination Rate:85%above

Nothing is so beautiful as spring.”Four Seasons of Spring, known as Si Ji Chun. As though inspired by Hopkins' ode, this silky smooth oolong boasts an exuberant bouquet of spring flavors. It named so because it Yielding an impressive four( to six )flushes/harvests a year, of which both the flavor and quality same like spring flush. This varietal was cultivated in Taiwan from TieGuanYin (Iron Goddess of Mercy) cultivar, in the 1980s. This delightful Oolong tea varietal has been cultivated for its sweet, floral flavors and expertly processed by hand. It is light , sweet and extremely fragrant yet buttery with lingering flowery finish of morning gardenias and warm milk.  The taste of gardenias clings to the upper palate and dazzles the senses.

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