Planting Time: Spring and autumn
Germination Temperature:15~25℃
Growth Temperature:15~35℃
Height: 60-80cm
Bloom time: June to October
Sun: Full sun
Application: Potted plants, cut flowers
Seed NO. in 1 gram: 100"


"The flowers are lush, the color is very rich, there are multicolored stripes on the petals, the color flowers are big and colorful, the flowering period is long, the inflorescence is long, like warmth, not cold-tolerant, sun-loving and fearful of heat, strong sex, drought-tolerant, barren, avoiding continuous cropping and long flowering period , The plant shape is beautiful, the flowers are blooming one after another, and the bright color is maintained for a long time.
It can be suitable for arranging flower beds, steps, flower borders, flower belts according to height, and can also be used for potted plants. The whole flower can be used as cut flowers."

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